Screen Printing
Features of Screen Printing

⋅ High visual quality
⋅ Durable graphics
⋅ The colours are extremely vivid
⋅ The greater ink thickness (thicker than other printing process)
⋅ Accomodate a wide range of different. materials (Plastic Sheets, Metal Parts, Glass, Ceramic, etc.)
⋅ For high volume jobs, most effective and economical printing methodology
⋅ The ability to make 'custom colors' for the customer request
Semi Automatic Screen Printing Machines
Color Spectrophotometer
Ink Mixer
Automatic Squeegee Sharpener
Hot Air Curing Owens
Exposure Unit
Serigraphy Printing Film Machine
Materials That Can Be Aplied Printing
Thermoplastics (PVC, PMMA, PS, ABS, PC, SAN, PET, etc.), Polyolefins (PE, PP), Duroplastics (PA "nylon", PU, phenolic resins etc.), Metals, Glass, Ceramics, Coated Surfaces
Lenses and Inlay Labels (PC, PMMA, PVC, PET Labels etc.)
Labels, Stickers and Signs
Embossed Stickers and Emboss Labels (inflatable labels)
Printed Electronics (Touch Electronic Foils)
Indoor and Outdoor Boards
Garden Signs
Graphic Banners
Name Badges

Screen Printing and Production