Hot Stamp
Features of Hot Stamping

⋅ Hot stamping is a dry printing, scratch & high temperature resistance and clean process that does not require pretreatment of part surfaces.
Hot stamping is used in all fields of plastic decoration. Both thermoplastics and thermo sets can be hot stamped (leather, fabrics, paper products,
   coated woods and prepainted metals) except non-porous materials.
There are no chemicals or paints. So, there is no toxic waste.
The foil is thermally fused to the substrate (Hot stamping upsets the molecular structure of the material with heat and surface melting) So, the coating is
   very permanent and durable.
Colors and patterns can be changed quickly. So, the process is very cost-effective in comparison to other decorating techniques.
Decoration can be done on patterned or engraved surfaces.
Good overprintability with conventional lacquers and inks. So, after hotstamping process, can be printed whathever you want to the surface of the material.
​​​​​​​After the hot stamping process, the parts are immediately ready for handling and packaging. So, no drying time is required.
Types Of Hotstamping Foils
Metalic Foils: It is for plastic bodies to make up plastic surface like metals. You can choice the degrees of matting, metallic tones and colours like stainless steel, nickel, antique gold and copper etc. This foils feature a strong metal and mirror effect.
Brushed Decors: (non-conductive foils are also available.)
Aluminum Decors: These foils are available in gold tones as well as colorized metal tones.
Chrome Metalic Decors
Wooden Foils
Holographic Foils
Scratch-off Foils
Up-and-Down Stamping Machine
Roll-On Stamping Machine
Materials That Can Be Applied Hot Stamping
Plastics (PVC, PMMA, PS, ABS, PC, SAN, PET, etc.), Polyofelins (PP, PE), Glass, Wood, Paper
Hotstamping Markets And Products 
Brand name labels (logos), industrial buttons, keys, covers, inlay stickers etc. for electronic industry
Panels, inlays for white goods industry
Advertising specialty items like pens, clocks, watch faces
Cosmetics and personal care industry
Automotive industry
Wood/Furniture industry

Hot Stamp