Digital Printing
Features of Digital Printing

⋅ Shorter turnaround time and offers quicker delivery
⋅ Every print has the same quality, dimensions and drawings
⋅ Ability to print high resolution textures (wood texture, leather, etc.)
⋅ Less waste
⋅ For small and medium quantities best printing method and lower per unit costs for very small print runs
⋅ Capable of reproducing any type of graphic in a small time range
⋅ Does not require film masters, stencils, screens or plates
⋅ Easy and quick to edit and modify the photographic images
⋅ Uses a four-color processing system to create designs (C, M, Y, K)
⋅ White color printing (W)
Printable Materials
Glass, Metal, Wood, Plastic (PMMA, PC, PET, etc.), Vinyl and PVC Foil, Canvas, Fabric, Paper, Wallpapers, Glass Foils, etc.
Flatbed UV Printer
Print&Cut Printing Device
Plotter cutting machine

Digital Printing