PU and PE Foam

PU and PE Foams (Polyurethane and Polyethylene) can be used in many different areas such as sealing or insulating gasket, protective layer, pad and electronic or other product packaging.
Usage Areas
Medical applications
Packaging for technical products
Packaging for electrical products
Product packaging
Edge protection
More Details

PU and PE Foam

PU Foam Features

⋅ PU (Polyurethane) They are used alone in industrial applications as well as
   by adding various double-sided tapes. Resistance to deformation and
   aging is increased with foil, film and textile coatings added on it.
⋅ In acoustic applications, surface forms are turned into egg profile,
   pyramid profile, labyrinth profile, and their performance is increased.
⋅ They can be produced with unlimited color, density and
   different pore size, and their usage areas are very wide.
⋅ Additionally; Additives such as paint and flame retardant can also be
   added to the formulation, if desired, to obtain specific properties.
   At the end of curing time (24-72 hours), a flexible and
   solid polymer structure is formed.

PE Foam Features

PE (Polyethylene) sponge can be supplied with antistatic, electrically conductive and flame resistant properties. PE sponge is perfectly suited for durable padding and impact protection, especially in packaging applications. In the case of antistatic (pink color), it is used for packaging electrostatically sensitive devices.


Very low volume weight
Shock absorbers
Resistant to chemicals and moisture
Excellent weather and moisture resistance
Good sound insulation and thermal insulation
Resistant to chemicals