Some of The Products Made from PTFE
Electrical and thermal insulators, breakers.
Static and dinamic seals, gears and rings [actuators and landing gears, power steering seals, shaft seals, oil carter seals, glide ring seals, valce stem seals, lantern rings, back up rings, piston rings, bearing rings etc.
Gaskets (engine, crankshaft, hydraulics)
Fittings, expansion joints, engineering design elements.
Valve seats, extrusion nozzles, electrical sleeving, bushes and chute liners.
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Features and Advantages

Wide temperature range (-232 to 315 °C): Continuous use at high temperatures.
High thermal stability and self-slip: It provides continuous dry running ability in dynamic sealing applications. (Notable dielectric properties)
Temperature cycle: Resists material degradation, heat aging and change in physical properties during the temperature cycle.
High surface speeds: The low friction properties and heat resistance of PTFE make it an ideal candidate for high speed applications such as round seals.
Chemical compatibility: It is not affected by almost any chemical substance.

Properties and Advantages of Teflon (PTFE) Compounds

Proven resistance to cold flow or leakage. Decrease in wear, friction and thermal expansion. Improved dimensional stability. Lower porosity and better insulation. Increased stiffness and surface hardness. Glass fiber, carbon fiber, graphite, carbon, bronze, modified, etc.

Features of Teflon (PTFE) and Compounds

Excellent chemical resistance
The lowest coefficient of friction
Highest operating temperature and stability
Physiologically inert
Excellent electrical properties

Some of the Materials Made from PTFE

Electrical and thermal insulators, breakers. Static and dynamic seals, gears and rings (activators and landing gear, power steering seals, shaft seals, oil pan seals, Valve body seals, lantern seals, piston rings, bearing seals, etc.)
Gaskets (engine, crankshaft, hydraulics)
Armatures, expansion joints, engineering design elements
Valve seats, extrusion nozzles, bushings and gutter linings

Industries Where PTFE is Heavily Used

Petrochemical and Chemical Processing Industries: Gaskets, boat linings, pump interiors, washers, rings, gaskets, spacers, dip pipes and well drilling elements.
Electric Industry: Low and medium voltage breakers, power distribution units, high voltage transformers, insulation systems, intermediate washers.
Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical Industries

Materials and Equipment

PTFE Sheet, PTFE Rods, PTFE Cylinders, PTFE Pipes, PTFE Gaskets, PTFE Bushings, PTFE Billets, PTFE Washers, PTFE Strips, Hydraulic presses for pressure molding, Sintering furnaces