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Capacitive switches (also known as touch foils, touch sensors, etc. ) provide some of the enhanced UI design flexibility and aesthetic attractiveness of touch panels, while adding the greater design flexibility, mature production technology and cost effectiveness of membrane switches and printed electronics.
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IME Printed Electronics


Capacitive touch foils have unparalleled flexibility in terms of their compatible cover lens materials they can be incorporated into IMD panels, bonded to glass, ABS, PET, or PMMA. They can be easily designed for a range of touch inputs, from button style, to slides or touch “wheels” to panel style sensors that register touch anywhere on their area. They can be attached to curved surfaces, be easily assembled (simply adhere and attach) and reworked and can fit in the smallest or thinnest assemblies.


Highly flexible design in terms of button placement, product UI and UX, production processes, etc. Higher end product appearance and better reliability and long life span due to lack of moving parts.

Usage Areas

⋅ Home appliances, consumer electronics, home & office automation,
   and other projects requiring a touch interface.
⋅ A wide range of button, slide, wheel, panel constructions available.
⋅​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​Dignity can provide cover lens, embedded touch controllers or
   full display and touch modules.


Temiz Serigrafi has also launched large scale production for capacitive touch sensor projects with major appliance companies in the washing machine, dishwasher, coffee machine, etc. categories.